Enabling free shipping perk

Shopify's Real-time shipping plugin (or also known as Carrier Calculated Shipping or CCS) is required to use Free Shipping perk with the Shopify checkout.

If this is not already included on your plan, you have the following options:

  • FREE, if you are on annual billing (you also save 10% off your plan!)
  • $20/month, for all other plans
  • Upgrade to a plan which includes it

For the first two options, you will need to contact Shopify to have this enabled on your plan, be aware if you make changes to your plan, you will need to ask them to re-add it to your plan.

CCS is included on the Advanced plan or higher.



Shopify caches all rates returned by all shipping apps. In some cases where a customer has used the back button and updated the items in their cart or made other changes, Shopify may not retrieve fresh rates from our app and opt to return a set of old rates.
This means your customers may not see the most up-to-date rates. Unfortunately this is a quirk of Shopify's checkout system and there is no workaround for this issue.