Getting Started

Introducing a Subscription Model for Your Online Store: A Guide to Boosting Revenue

   1) Subscription Model: With Subscribfy app, you can set the price and frequency (weekly, monthly, annually) of the membership, and we'll charge the customers accordingly. You can even offer perks to your subscribers, like exclusive discounts and free shipping. Contact us so we can discuss how to customize these options for your store. 

How do I launch a membership program?

Follow the steps below to launch your membership program.

1. Create your membership

Start by clicking the "Add subscription plan" button to go to the membership creation form. Fill out the General Info with information about your membership. All the details here will be used to create the membership product in Shopify and will be visible to your customers.

2. Specify your perks

Once you create your membership, go to the Perks tab of your membership.