Introducing a Subscription Model for Your Online Store: A Guide to Boosting Revenue

   1) Subscription Model: With Subscribfy app, you can set the price and frequency (weekly, monthly, annually) of the membership, and we'll charge the customers accordingly. You can even offer perks to your subscribers, like exclusive discounts and free shipping. Contact us so we can discuss how to customize these options for your store. 

    2) Offer your customers a free first month of membership, and they will be charged at the end of the month/week based on the frequency you choose. For example, if your membership costs $10 per month, and you sign up on February 17th, your first charge will be on March 1st, and then on April 1st, May 1st, and so on (you can choose the specific charge dates).

    A. If you’re selling a product you can decide to have this charge transform into store credit and spend it on your website. In my example, if you decide to have the membership price transform into store credit at May 2nd (third recharge)  if all charge were successful I would have 30$ store credit.
    B. If you choose not to offer store credit, the customer will simply pay the membership fee to access your service.